Our Mission: To improve the lives of the

nation’s frail elderly and to reduce cost

of long term care through innovation

in wireless technology.

Our Philosophy: We believe that our

frail elderly population deserves to

live the last years of their lives in an

environment that encourages their

independence, enhances their health,

promotes their happiness and supports

their sense of belonging, influence and

purpose (BIP). We believe they deserve

this opportunity regardless of age, mental

or medical condition, or socio-economic status.

Our Solution: A care management software platform developed by caregivers over 15 years, that reduces cost of care and increases quality

of life through:

• Comprehensive Data Collection from wearable and environmental

   sensors, as well as direct input from staff on a real time basis

• Personalized Data Analysis decision support and just-in-time

   training software

• Real Time Data Distribution to allow communication, collaboration and

   coordination among the elders’ circle of family, neighbors and caregivers

• Broad Application for facilities, individual homes, home health care,

   insurance companies and individual caregivers

• Cultural Transformation of caregivers

NBC Nightly News report on our first facility,

Oatfield Estates in Portland, Oregon

    Contact: Bill Reed


 Portland, OR